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I Will Support a Balanced Budget

Our country, our state, and our cities can not continue to spend money that we do not have. I will fight for a balanced budget every legislative session to ensure our future generations are not saddled with out-of-control debt.

I Will Support and Protect the Unborn

I am staunchly pro-life. I was put up for adoption at birth and given the opportunity at life with two amazing parents who were not able to have children of their own. I think the only exception to carrying a baby to full term would be to save the life of the mother. I will always be an advocate for the unborn and fight for their opportunity at life.

I Will Fight Against CRT and for School Choice

Education is clearly delineated as a responsibility of the States in the U.S. Constitution.  There is no role for the federal government in education. Parents need the option to choose where their children are educated and to agree with the values that they are taught. I would be willing to put forth legislation outlawing the teaching of this Marxist ideology that tells our children to judge other people by the color of their skin.

I Will Always Defend the Second Amendment

I have a license to carry. I support constitutional carry and would fight any federal encroachment on our laws. You have the right to defend yourself and your family by all means necessary.  We should have the right to purchase, wear, and use any firearm we wish for the purpose of keeping our family safe and to prevent the tyranny of the government.

I Will Protect our Border and Fight Sanctuary Cities

I support those who immigrate here legally. America brings in approximately the population of Montana annually through legal immigration.  We are not an anti-immigrant, xenophobic country. We do expect people to respect our borders and our laws. I will always fight against illegal immigration and for secure borders. I stand with Governor Abbott on strengthening our border wall. I will push for complete defunding of any cities that want to practice as a sanctuary city. If a city enacts these policies then they pay the full freight. We shouldn’t make it easy for illegal aliens to be in society. 

I Will Support our Law Enforcement

The overwhelming majority of law enforcement officers are good people with good intentions.  They need to be supported and not vilified. I am against defunding the police in any form. If anything, they need larger budgets for further training. If police departments need more training then we should give it to them.  Having less police officers is not the solution.

I Will Ensure our Elections are Secure

I would support all measures that move voter integrity forward. The right to vote is sacred, but loses its sanctity when there are questions as to whether the vote is secure or not. I wholeheartedly support Voter I.D. laws, signature verification on mail-in ballots, and the outlawing of ballot harvesting and unsecured drop boxes in Texas.

I Will Support Lower Taxes

Create an environment wherein free enterprise, free market, hard work, and virtuous capitalism will once again allow every Texas citizen who wants to experience positive growth and prosperity. Free Enterprise, Free Market, Virtuous Capitalism, and hard-working US citizens have made us the wealthiest nation. Americans are overtaxed and under-serviced. I will fight to lower taxes so the families in my district can keep more of their hard-earned income.