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I Will Support a Balanced Budget

Our country, our state, and our cities can not continue to spend money that we do not have. I will fight for a balanced budget every legislative session to ensure our future generations are not saddled with out-of-control debt.

I Will Support and Protect the Unborn

I am staunchly pro-life. I was put up for adoption at birth and given the opportunity at life with two amazing parents who were not able to have children of their own. I think the only exception to carrying a baby to full term would be to save the life of the mother. I will always be an advocate for the unborn and fight for their opportunity at life.

I Will Fight Against CRT and for School Choice

Education is clearly delineated as a responsibility of the States in the U.S. Constitution.  There is no role for the federal government in education. Parents need the option to choose where their children are educated and to agree with the values that they are taught. I would be willing to put forth legislation outlawing the teaching of this Marxist ideology that tells our children to judge other people by the color of their skin.

I Will Always Defend the Second Amendment

I have a license to carry. I support constitutional carry and would fight any federal encroachment on our laws. You have the right to defend yourself and your family by all means necessary.  We should have the right to purchase, wear, and use any firearm we wish for the purpose of keeping our family safe and to prevent the tyranny of the government.

I Will Protect our Border and Fight Sanctuary Cities

I support those who immigrate here legally. America brings in approximately the population of Montana annually through legal immigration.  We are not an anti-immigrant, xenophobic country. We do expect people to respect our borders and our laws. I will always fight against illegal immigration and for secure borders. I stand with Governor Abbott on strengthening our border wall. I will push for complete defunding of any cities that want to practice as a sanctuary city. If a city enacts these policies then they pay the full freight. We shouldn’t make it easy for illegal aliens to be in society. 

I Will Support our Law Enforcement

The overwhelming majority of law enforcement officers are good people with good intentions.  They need to be supported and not vilified. I am against defunding the police in any form. If anything, they need larger budgets for further training. If police departments need more training then we should give it to them.  Having less police officers is not the solution.

I Will Ensure our Elections are Secure

I would support all measures that move voter integrity forward. The right to vote is sacred, but loses its sanctity when there are questions as to whether the vote is secure or not. I wholeheartedly support Voter I.D. laws, signature verification on mail-in ballots, and the outlawing of ballot harvesting and unsecured drop boxes in Texas.

I Will Support Lower Taxes

Create an environment wherein free enterprise, free market, hard work, and virtuous capitalism will once again allow every Texas citizen who wants to experience positive growth and prosperity. Free Enterprise, Free Market, Virtuous Capitalism, and hard-working US citizens have made us the wealthiest nation. Americans are overtaxed and under-serviced. I will fight to lower taxes so the families in my district can keep more of their hard-earned income.


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As the American public becomes more aware of what environmental, social, and governance
(ESG) scores are and how they are being used, the more people understand that they are another
form of coercion to follow the woke agenda. It is aimed at coercing corporations into adopting woke
policies and then using those policies in how they interact with their customers. Since large investing
companies, like Black Rock, are often the majority share holder of many corporations, they have
significant influence over those company’s Board of Directors. They are actively pushing a woke
agenda and are trying to use businesses as a weapon against consumers who don’t agree with

ESG scores are flawed. The scores are based on a set of subjective metrics that are set by liberals.
It pushes quotas, climate change adaptation, energy efficiency, employee health & wellbeing,
diversity, equity, & inclusion (DE&I), and human rights. I don’t know about you but I don’t think all of
these goals are good for our country and some are downright evil. ESG scores makes the
assumption that businesses should be concerned about these issues. Businesses exist for one
reason – to make money; thereby giving their investors a good return on their investment. It is up to
us to determine which companies we want to invest in. If I disagree with the business practices of a
company then I won’t invest in it. It is up to the government to craft laws that require businesses to
practice ethically.

We are told that these scores are directly correlated with financial performance. However, there is
no evidence to support this assertion. To the contrary, companies that prioritize ESG practices
actually have lower financial performance due to increased costs associated with starting and
sustaining these expensive woke initiatives.

ESG scores will become weaponized against the American public and the companies that don’t agree
with wokeism. Let’s say that the banking industry has effectively been coerced into adopting ESG
policies. They can then offer companies varying rates determined by their ESG score. This makes
capital more expensive for non-woke companies. They may also decide not to offer loans at all after
a certain ESG threshold. Banks could also do the same to the American public by using your
personal ESG score. Do you have an electric vehicle? Is you home “energy efficient”? Are you a
member of an oppressed minority? Then you have a higher ESG score and will get a lower mortgage
rate. What if banks decide to not give you a mortgage at all based on your ESG score? Or not allow
you to open a bank account with them? What if health care started using ESG scores?
We need to ban the use of ESG in any organization that receives any money from Federal, State, or
Local governments. We need to ban the use of ESG scores in any company that allows ETFs or
Mutual Funds to invest in them. If you want to invest only in woke companies, go right ahead, but
don’t force the people who disagree with your vision of America to do so. That’s what we Americans
call freedom.


A strong U.S.-Israel alliance is integral for the safety and security of the United States, Israel, and the
world at large. Its geographic location uniquely positions us to extend, when necessary, our own
military might and gives us the leverage to utilize diplomatic solutions because our enemies know that
we do not have to mobilize from half way around the world to project our power. A strong Israel is
essential to stability in the region. Israel’s military superiority prevents war and promotes stability in
the region through strength. It is in our best interests to have a free and strong Israel with deep ties to
the United States. Our alliance is very much a two-way street and the United States has benefited
from this relationship in multiple ways. Some examples of this are the sharing of intelligence
information regarding terrorist activity, U.S. military and law enforcement groups learning counter
terrorism tactics from Israel, and that a vast majority of the aid that we give Israel annually is spent
within the U.S. leading directly to American jobs and stimulating our economy. Our alliance should
be a natural one as both of our countries are built on the same values. Israel and the United States are
both strong, vibrant democracies with shared values.

Continuation of supporting aid to Israel – The Iron Dome should categorically be funded and I will
oppose any legislation that tries to undermine this. The Iron dome is purely a defensive system and its
existence and effectiveness allow Israel the leeway in how aggressively it needs to act towards threats.
This latitude increases stability in the region and decreases civilian casualties.

Iran – Iran and its proxies pose an existential threat to Israel and the world through Iran’s terror
network. Iran’s goal is to destroy Israel and subjugate the world under the Sunni version of Shia law.
They believe in convert or die and there is no negotiating with that kind of philosophy. It is evil and it
must be confronted. They have publicly stated that as soon as they have a nuclear weapon, they will
deploy it on Israel. They say that they want to destroy the great Satan – America. They are testing
ballistic missiles which will give them the range to strike the United States. When someone says that
they are your enemy and they want to destroy you should believe them. This truth may necessitate
taking appropriate, even proactive, actions to defend yourself. Iran can NEVER be allowed to get a
nuclear weapon and they must be stopped by any means necessary. I support maximum pressure
economic sanctions on Iran and sanctions on anyone country found to be violating the sanctions. If
that fails, then I support either independent or joint action from any of the following entities to ensure
that Iran does not obtain a nuclear weapon: the U.S., NATO, and/or Israel. Let me be clear; Israel has
the fundamental right to exist and solely has the right to determine and carry out any and all measures
it feels are necessary to ensure the safety of its people. Israel should be able to unequivocally count on
the United States’ backing of these decisions.

The Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) Movement – I categorically condemn it as a fundamentally
Anti-Semitic movement. This is a global attempt to normalize Anti-Semitism through economic
means. The Democrats in the United States have normalized this practice amongst their followers by
hiding its Anti-Semitism beneath the veneer of being ‘woke’. This should not be a surprise to anyone,
as the Democratic Party has had racism and Anti-Semitism at its core since its founding. America
needs to lead the movement against BDS by calling it out where it is found and naming it for what it
is: hate.


Reduce Government Spending: Porro typically supports reducing
government spending through cuts in programs, reduction of
entitlements, and elimination of waste, fraud, and abuse.

Tax Reform: Porro often supports tax reforms that reduce tax
rates and simplify the tax code, which they believe will stimulate
economic growth and increase tax revenue.

Deregulation: Porro advocates for reducing regulations on
businesses, which they believe will lead to increased economic
growth and job creation.

Entitlement Reform: Porro supports changes to Social Security,
Medicare, and Medicaid, with the goal of reducing their long-term
costs and preserving the programs for future generations.

Trade Policies: Porro generally supports free trade policies, which
they believe will stimulate economic growth by increasing exports
and creating jobs.

Energy independence: Porro prioritizes energy independence,
through increased domestic energy production, including oil,
natural gas, and coal, and reducing dependence on foreign

Health Care Reform: Porro supports reforms to the health care
system, including the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and a shift
towards market-based solutions.


Border Wall: Porro supports the construction of a physical
barrier along the southern border to enhance national
security and reduce illegal immigration.

Border Security: Porro also advocates for increased border
security measures, including enhanced technology and
additional personnel, to prevent illegal entry and enhance
the security of the border.

Legal immigration Reform: Porro supports legal immigration
reforms that prioritize skills-based immigration and
prioritize the entry of individuals who contribute to the

Enforcement of Immigration Laws: Porro supports enforcing

existing immigration laws, including the mandatory use of E-
Verify, sanctions on employers who hire illegal immigrants,

and the implementation of a national entry-exit system.

Merit-Based System: Porro supports a merit-based
immigration system that prioritizes individuals based on
their skills, education, and ability to contribute to the

Asylum Reform: Porro advocates for reforms to the asylum
system, including the expedited removal of individuals who
do not have a valid asylum claim and the elimination of
loopholes that incentivize illegal immigration.

Interior Enforcement: Porro supports interior enforcement
measures to remove individuals who are in the country
illegally and have committed crimes.


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